Summer or Winter?

As the end of our first summer in Les Gets draws to a close, we find ourselves being asked more and more “Which do you prefer, summer or winter?”

It’s a tough question to answer.

Both of us were drawn here through the love of winter sports. For myself it was the skiing, and the chance to work a ski season as a Resort Rep. And for John, it was love of riding through powder fields on his snowboard that brought him here.


Without the winter neither of us would have ended up here doing what we are doing so, of course, there is always going to be a special place in our hearts for those Les Gets winters. Cold mornings picking up bread from the bakery, chilly evenings curled up by the fire, wearing all the jumpers and boots; Heaven!

But each winter must come to an end. And what comes after that?
Usually it’s back to the UK to work through the summer and spend time with family and friends, with the odd holiday thrown in. But through all that there is always the constant draw of the winter. Waiting for the leaves to change and the cold to set in, so we can make our way back to the mountains for some snow.

This summer was different though.  After a short trip back to the UK, we got to spend our first summer in the place we have grown to love through the last 5 winters.

19679103_10156809184532588_2293604165134156152_oLes Gets in the summer is very different to the winter, and not just because there’s no snow or guests with skis. For a start it’s much quieter in the summer. The village came alive from the middle of June and the bustle died down as September rolled around.

And then there are the activities. We spent the summer riding bikes, walking, hiking, swimming, doing yoga and enjoying bbq’s with guests and friends. We got to watch Crankworx as it came to Les Gets for the second year, as well as the Pass’Portes du Soleil and Harley Days. We’ve sunbathed by the lake and visited Annecy, Yvoire, Talloires, Passy and plenty of places we just wouldn’t have the time to visit during the winter. And still there is so much more we didn’t do!

Both of us have found a new love for summer in the Alps, and we can’t wait to spend¬†more of them here.

As for the question of summer or winter? Well I think the answer to that has to be BOTH!

Both seasons offer such different things that I’m not sure how we’d ever be able to choose one or the other. We’re never going to stop loving the winters out here. But now we won’t spend our summers wishing away the sunshine and praying for snow!

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