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I’m the first person to admit that my fitness is terrible.

I don’t exercise anywhere near as much as I should, and when I do I really feel it, especially in the mountains. I can blame this on the altitude as much as I like, but at 1172m that’s not the greatest excuse and, really, I’m just lazy. Motivation to exercise can be hard to find, despite often enjoying it when I do.

Towards the end of the summer I was enjoying regular yoga sessions and spinning classes, as well as plenty 0f long walks with the dog. I went back to the UK for a month with every intention of going swimming regularly and finding some yoga classes to keep me going, but between meeting up with friends and family all exercise but walking the dog was forgotten. And once you get into that rut it gets hard to start it back up again.

fitness pic originalThis is where things are about to change. I’m determined to get “Ski Fit” for this winter; Something I’ve never really done before, despite being on my 6th ski season. Skiing can be great exercise in itself, but being fit before you ski can benefit you even more. Being fit and strong can not only improve your skiing (or snowboarding) and make it more enjoyable, but help prevent you from getting injured whilst doing it, especially when you do it for 5 months out of the year.

With around 4 weeks to go until the lifts open, there’s plenty of time to get into shape before hitting the slopes in December.

My friend Rachael Hallewell will be putting me and Kim Francis, as well as several others, through our paces in the coming weeks. Rachael is a qualified Personal Trainer (teaching classes at Buzz Performance) and Ski Instructor with Supreme Ski, so it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about fitness, especially in relation to skiing, and I feel like I’m in good hands!

So far we’re one session down (you may have seen the photos) and we’ve covered ladder drills and skipping to improve our coordination and cardio, plank and fit ball for core strength, as well as the wobble board for balance! Rachael has already helped identify my weak points, my core strength and my left knee (the result of a past ski injury), so I know what I need to work on in the next few weeks.

Despite the resulting aches and pains the next day, we’re gearing up for our second session tomorrow (Sunday).

With encouragement from Rachael and support from Kim (I cant do it alone!) I’m ready to face a few challenges and get myself in peak physical form, and I’ve no doubt that in a few weeks time I will be feeling fitter and better than ever!

Watch this space for more updates and photos along the way.


Picture credit to Rachael Hallewell


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