How to beat this heat!

We all love the summer; sunshine, warm evenings, not having to take a coat out, getting a tan! But as the heatwave takes hold across Europe and temperatures in some parts of France rise to 45 degrees, for some the heat becomes unbearable! (I for one am fully expecting to be little more than a puddle in a few days time)

Staying indoors in the cool shade can be very tempting, but if you’re here to enjoy a summer holiday, packed with outdoor activities, that’s the last thing you want to do! So here are our top tips to keeping cool, and making the most of the sun!

Limit Exposure – Spending all day in the sun seems ideal, but taking some time out and enjoying an indoor activity can be a great alternative. Why not visit Morzine’s indoor pool or enjoy a spa day at one of the local hotels? A cinema trip, or a visit to the Mechanical Museum can also be fun ways to stay indoors, but keep entertained.

Cool off – Whether it’s Lac d’Ecoles in Les Gets, Lake Montriond, Lake Geneva or Lake Annecy, there is no shortage of places to take a dip. Not only can these places be an excellent day out, but it means you can easily keep cool too! Or how about a rafting trip with Frogs Rafting? Putting on a wet suit in the heat may not be the most tempting idea, but once you hit that water with the rush of flying down the river Dranse, you’ll soon cool down.

Stay hydrated – Carrying a water bottle may seem like an obvious thing to do, but what happens when the bottle is empty? If refilling it from the natural springs and troughs isn’t for you then it’s a good idea to know where will let you top up, without having to buy another bottle. The Chavannes lift pass office has a free water station at the bottom, but to find other local refill stations download the Tap app! And, whilst it’s tempting to head straight to the pub for a beer, make sure you grab some water too!!!

Sun cream – Many of us don’t wear sun cream every day like we should. It’s sticky, can ruin clothes and annoying to put on (especially when you can’t reach your back!) But, at risk of sounding like your mum, it’s a much better option than the horrendous sun burn when you don’t!

Covering up – Shorts and a T-shirt are the go to attire for most of us during a heatwave, especially when it’s unbearable to put on much more. However, sometimes being a little more covered can help avoid a nasty case of sun stroke. Perhaps a longer top when out on the bike, or a hat whilst hiking? And don’t forget the sunglasses!

Most of this may seem pretty obvious, in fact, I’m sure you’ve heard it all before! But sun burn or sun stroke can so easily ruin your well earned summer holiday! So get out there and enjoy the sun, just don’t forget our top tips!

Now, I’m off to take my own advice, and hid from this heat for a little while!

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